What is the challenge for healthcare professionals ?

There is more pressure for healthcare professionals to prepare themselves on how they can help the population in dealing with Climate Change and Air Pollution related diseases.

A 2015 American Thoracic Society survey of 15,000 physicians and medical professionals in respiratory disease and critical care, finds that the majority were already seeing health effects in their patients that they believe are linked to climate change. 77% saw an increase in chronic diseases related to air pollution, 58% increased allergic reactions from plants or mold and 57% injuries related to severe weather. (ATS Member Survey on Climate Change and Health, 2015).

According to a 2010 study, between 2005 and 2007, nearly 30,000 hospital admissions and emergency-room visits could have been avoided in California if federal clean-air standards had been met. These cases led to higher hospital care cost of about $193 million by Medicare, Medicaid and private third-party purchasers (Rand, 2010).

Prevent air pollution & extreme weather health effects

With the AirBreath mobile application and data API, AURAIA enables healthcare professionals to:

  • Identify high risk locations
  • Ensure patients safety by enabling them to reduce their harmful exposures
  • Enhance disease management based on reported symptoms and exposures
  • Reduce risk of re-admissions and emergency room visits